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  • Vallis Capital Partners:
    Enhancing Portfolios through Sustainable Investing


    Luís Carvalho from Vallis Capital Partners, an investment advisory firm at the marcus evans Middle East Investments Summit 2011, on the increasing demand for sustainability in the marketplace.

    Interview with: Luís Carvalho, Partner & Chief Financial Officer, Vallis Capital Partners


    Private equity funds with a focus on sustainability will be better prepared for the future business and economic landscape, says Luís Carvalho, Partner & Chief Financial Officer, Vallis Capital Partners.

    From an investment advisory firm at the upcoming marcus evans Middle East Investments Summit 2011 in Dubai, UAE, 23 - 24 November, Carvalho discusses the importance of adopting the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investments and the Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) approach.

    Why is sustainability an attractive approach for private equity funds?

    Luís Carvalho: Private equity fund managers who focus on sustainability are able to plan for the future business and economic landscape. When looking at investments, their approach combines long-term economic, social and environmental factors. A more comprehensive view of the company’s potential will lead to better informed investment decisions, creating the potential for attractive returns.

    Sustainability is a growth approach that will enable corporate best practices, providing portfolios with long-term value.

    How can investors meet the increasing demand for sustainability?

    Luís Carvalho: Investors are now demanding portfolios that focus on sustainability. This request can be met by seeking out sustainable corporate and/or credit exposures.
    Investors have to look forward and consider “People, Planet and Profit” as said by John Elkington, the founding father of sustainability, in their investment decisions on the triple bottom line.

    ‘People’ looks at the shifting trends of the population (i.e. growth, ageing, health) that bring new pressures to the industry and force businesses to re-shape. ‘Planet’ refers to natural resources; we must consider clean technologies, energy efficiency, food production, water trends and waste management. Reflecting on these themes and their growth potential will lead to profit.

    Investors should take a wide view that looks at sustainability as an overlying theme.

    Why should investors make use of the ESG approach?

    Luís Carvalho: ESG is a practice that leads to a strong business foundation. Investors looking at long-term structural and sustainable growth should consider this approach along with the UN’s principles for responsible investments.

    Investors will then be able to focus on growth drivers and reinventing the business to adapt to the rapidly changing market, rather than being troubled over governance issues. These principles will help establish the necessary base for long-term growth.

    What are the most important drivers of long-term structural growth?

    Luís Carvalho: Social change and scarcity of natural resources pressures that define the need to re-shape existing industries are forcing the creation of new businesses while driving long-term growth.

    The marketplace is facing increasing risks due to the present competitive landscape. This leads to market inefficiencies that sustainable investors can exploit since they are anticipating upcoming changes.

    A flourishing portfolio includes companies that have the opportunity to grow and prosper on a competitive and changing business environment, as they will be able to manage current and future trends.

    Companies that properly address economic, environment and social factors through innovation and productivity will generate enduring value. 

    Stacey Melvin
    marcus evans, Summits Division
    Tel: + 357 22 849 400

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    About Vallis Capital Partners

    Vallis Capital Partners is a Portuguese private equity firm which manages Vallis Sustainable Investments I. Vallis acquires companies with high growth potential and long term demand strongly correlated with sustainability under the theme of “People, Planet, Profit”. Aiming at delivering superior returns, we create value incorporating economic, social and environmental factors while applying a hands-on operating approach.


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